Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito


Spanish School – Team

The strength of our team of instructors comes from their knowledge of teaching.

They are supervisors. With our special training for instructors in the study of technology, they acquire the ability to transmit their knowledge and ensure that the student has really learned. Your teacher will apply our system in order to meet / suit your personal needs and requirements. We offer all of these features in a warm and joyful environment.

They will work on the three skills; hearing, writing and speaking, as well as correcting the pronunciation and identifying the skill the student needs to reinforce. Studying won’t be solely theoretical but also life applicable, so your instructor will use additional audiovisual resources that will increase learning.

“South American Language Center” Spanish School chooses their team through strict grammatical and oral tests to ensure the quality of the service that the student will receive.

Our professionally-trained staff regularly attends workshops and seminars to ensure that their skills and teaching methods are constantly up-to-date.

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