Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito

Study Method


«South American Language Center» Spanish School has been developing and refining its Spanish as a Second Language Program in a personalized way (one to one spanish lessons) for over 30 years. After one or two months of intensive study and daily living, students are amazed with their new Spanish skills. Achieving the same level of Spanish with any other method, would take much more time and effort.

 A total immersion in the Spanish language is used in our intensive program, with seven hours of daily instruction. Continuous conversation, pronunciation correction, grammatical structure review, and oral and written exercises make our teaching method simply the most effective. We use extra activities (games in Spanish conversational classes, cooking classes, etc.) to practice the knowledge adquired in class.The student will acquire enough confidence to correctly communicate.

During the Spanish lessons, the instructor uses several resources such as videos, games, multimedia, diverse exercises and reading passages. These materials make learning more dynamic and flexible. Above, the student is always encouraged to use and apply the learned structures.

All of our language exercises are enriched with historical and cultural facts about the country. Interesting reading material, speeches and visits to museums contribute culturally to our Spanish lessons. In addition, we organize comfortable home stays with Ecuadorian families, which provide a glimpse into the daily life of the Latin American society.

Our Spanish School also offers a Semi Intensive program for students who are unable or unwilling to study seven hours a day. The semi intensive Spanish program is four hours a day with the same quality and methodology of the intensive program, but allowing the student to have more spare time to do other activities.

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