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Spanish school – Questions and answers

Here you can read about questions and answers you have: Thinking about studying Spanish in Ecuador? Got a thousand and one questions? We’re one step ahead of you. Read through our thorough Frequently Asked Questions guide to find the answers you need to pack your bags for an amazing journey  in Quito.


How big is Quito?

About 2500.000 people live in Quito. Quito is 324 km2.

How can I get to Quito?

When you arrive at the airport in Quito you can take a public bus:

The public transportation system connects the airport to the Inter-parish Terminal of Avenida Río Coca; to the north of the city and to the Interprovincial Terminal of Quitumbe, in the south.

Cost: The cost of the ticket from the terminals to the airport is $ 2.00 or  $ 8,00 per person with aeroservicios. You could buy in web page (with any credit card), or, directly at the terminal de Aeroservicios (antiguo aeropuerto) or at the counters located in the Hall  Arribos del Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre, with any credit card or cash.

The operators offering the service are:

• Río Coca Terminal, SOTRANOR Consortium.

Hours: from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm

• Quitumbe Terminal, COSIBO Consortium.

Hours: from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What is public transport like?

Public transport in Quito is excellent; you can get everywhere by trolebus or by bus with only 0.25 USD.  It is not expensive.

What’s the weather like?

Quito is a city that can be divided into three microzones, with a marked temperature difference between them. Its southern zone is the part with the highest altitude and therefore is the one that registers the lowest temperatures in the city. The center is warmer and the northern part of the city has more temperate conditions. The climate of Quito is a temperate climate throughout the year. With temperatures ranging from 10ºC to 27ºC and an annual average temperature of 15ºC. Due to Quito´s proximity to the equator, these temperatures are usually temperate during the day and quite cold during the night. It can be said that the climate of Quito presents two well-defined seasons; the dry season and the winter season.

Since when has the “South American Language Center” Spanish School existed?

We have existed for almost 30 years now, since 1989.

Where are the students from?

Our students are from all over the world: Europe (60%), America (30%), Asia and Africa (10%). Courses are suitable for everybody.

Can I use the Internet at school?

Yes, there’s free wireless Internet available in our spanish school.

Spanish Courses

How can I know if there are still places available?

We can always guarantee availability if we receive your booking and down payment at least 2 weeks prior to the start date. If you want to start within 2 weeks, please contact us for availability.

Can I stay for just 1 week?

Yes, you can study spanish for only one week but your spanish course will be more successful if you stay longer.

When does the course start?

If you study in Quito, the spanish course starts any day of any week you wish, if you want to study Spanish through our travel courses, check out the «travel courses» section for start dates.

What are the teachers like?

All of our Spanish teachers are well educated, highly cultured, and professional Teachers of Spanish as a Second Language.

Every single teacher receives an intensive training course on the details of Spanish grammar and structure.  Afterwards, they are continually taught Grammar techniques and teaching methods.

Training and assessment of our staff is continuous and quite rigorous in order to guarantee the quality of service given to our students.

Can I change my program if I feel that the level is not right for me?

Yes of course. You can talk to the Academy or fill out the questionnaire that the Academy gives out every 15 days to improve our service. Then, togheter we will decide what is best for you.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, on the last day of your course you receive a certificate indicating the time spent at school and the level achieved.


What is the distance between the accommodation and the school?

It depends.  We try to place students in walking distance from the school. Most accommodations are centrally located and all are easily accessible by trolebus and bus. All accommodations are within a 15 minutes distance to the school, via walking or public transport.

Can I change my accommodation if I´m not satisfied?

Yes, as soon as we have something similar available.

Is there a washing machine in the accommodation?


Do I need bed linen for the shared apartments?

No, bed linen is provided.

When can I first get into my room and when do I have to leave?

It depends on your arrival day and how many nights you bought. For example, in 7 nights if you arrive the Saturday before your course starts and the departure day will be the Saturday on the morning after the end of your course.

Can I arrive a few days before the start of the course?

Of course, you would only have to request more nights in the host family; if not, we would recommend a hotel for these extra nights.

Enrollment and payment

Can I book for next week?

Of course, you only need to make the deposit of 200 USD in order to guarantee a place in one of our courses and accommodations. We need at least 72 hours to coordinate everything.

How can I book a course?

You can write to or  and you will receive an email with information from our bank account regarding the deposit of 200 USD. The rest can be paid for in our offices before the start of your class.You will receive a reservation form to be filled out and sent back by e-mail. This information needs to be at the school before your arrival in order to complete and send you the invoice, as well as for booking purposes.

How does the payment work?

You pay a down payment of 200 USD by bank transfer in order to reserve your program (the course and accommodation). The rest has to be paid on the first day of the course at the Spanish School.

 Do I need a visa for Ecuador?

You will not need a VISA if you are staying in Ecuador for a period of 90 days.  If the student wishes to stay a longer period, it is convenient to obtain a VISA in the country of origin. You should go to the consulate office of Ecuador in your country of origin to complete the respective procedures. In this case, we will send an enrollment certification to the student ahead of time in order to help in obtaining the VISA. Upon arrival at the Ecuadorian airport, Immigration authorities will request the student´s passport and stamp it with the number of days that he or she is allowed to stay in the country.


What is an airport transfer?

You can book the airport transfer ahead of time. An employee of our Spanish School will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your accommodation or directly to the Spanish School. You can find the price under the section «prices».

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