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Discover Jungle

Discover Jungle


Discover Jungle in the Tena city of  which is a city of tourism and adventure that you cannot miss. The Tena city has hundreds of tourist places to visit, so knowing all the places and tourist attractions in the city of Tena will take weeks. However you will never forget how beautiful it is to spend a few days with nature in this city of tranquility. Among the tourist attractions you can visit with your family or friends is the Jumandy Caverns, Misahualli, Ahuano, Pano, Alto Tena, The Islands of Love, Sogas, Cotundo, Archidona, Terere and many more.


Discover Jungle in Pastaza and Puyo cities wich have extraordinary tourist attractions, both private and managed by the municipal administration. While visiting this sitess, you will acquire a deeper and more global vision of what the Ecuadorian Amazon has and offers in terms of natural and tourist resources. The most important tourism resources in the province include ecological walks on well-maintained trails, observation of Amazonian wild animals, rivers and waterfalls nestled in the humid tropical forest, modern artificial wave installations, pools and slides, dammed rivers in the form of dikes, etc.

Sumaco National Park Napo Galeras

Discover Jungle in Sumaco National Park Napo Galeras wich is a protected area of ​​Ecuador that is located in the province of Napo and the province of Orellana. The National Park Sumaco-Napo-Galeras is a natural refuge that has a great diversity of ecosystems and species of flora and fauna, geological features and important habitats for science and education. Geographically, the region is constituted by a volcanic massif of three summits: the volcano Sumaco, the Black Hills and Pan de Azúcar. The rivers Napo and Coca are born from the basin of the Pan de Azúcar. This region is one of the most biologically diverse areas of Ecuador and one of the few areas in the world that gathers a great variety of plant formations and zones of life in a small space, ranging from the Andean páramo to the Amazon plain.


There are two routes through which the Sumaco-Napo-Galeras National Park can be accessed.

The first is by the Baeza-El Chaco-Reventador road, which surrounds the western part of the Park.

The second one is by the Jondachi-Loreto-Coca road, which goes through the south of the Park.

It is advisable to contact your preferred travel agency or tour operator to make the trip to this reserve and the Amazon region in general.

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