Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito


Course – Spanish School South American Language Center in Quito, Ecuador

«South American Language Center» Spanish School, has intensive courses consisting of 35 weekly lessons as well as a semi-intensive course of 20 lessons, which are both ideal for studying and learning Spanish. These courses are held throughout the year and the student can choose the start date.

In the classes, our international students can dedicate themselves completely to all aspects of Spanish: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, reading and listening, and seeking to develop a high level of confidence in the Spanish language.

Our Spanish Language School ensures that the material in each level and the objectives to be fulfilled in each course are rigorously designed and planned.

We have our own materials (12 books) where both written and oral assessments are taken at the end of each spanish lesson. These provide the student with an assessment of the assimilated contents and the Certificate of Language accredits this knowledge.

Cultural Immersion

To understand the Spanish Language, we are convinced that knowing Ecuador and feeling part of the community will help the student in Spanish language learning. Living with a host family as well as activities both inside and outside the classroom ensure that the student lives, eats and breathes Spanish.

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