Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito

Spanish School Certificate

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Spanish School Certificate is received on behalf of the «South American Language Center»after the completion of each level and achievment of a score of 100% in both oral and written aspects of the level.

The student’s book «Enseñanza de la lengua española» consists of three lessons, at the end of which an oral and written test is taken. This is the way Academia ensures the student’s progress and can fix any inconvenience.

The test´s revision is made by Academy department and will give the level results to the teacher with observations about the points to better.

The Spanish School Certificate shows the level reached and the hours made by the student.

If you are studying in the program «Spanish related to specific topics» The Spanish School Certificate will mention the area studied (medicine, legal, education, etc.) and will also show an equivalent to the levels of the school books.

In the same way if you studied the «Spanish Dele» program, this will be metioned with an equivalent to the levels of the school´s books.

Certificate Spanish School

Spanish School Certificate

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