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Booking and Cancellation Policies


For the present, hereafter, we refer to the Spanish School Center «South American Language Center» simply as ‘THE SCHOOL’. The STUDENT is considered the person in whose name the booking of the service is made. Both parties declare to subscribe the present agreement voluntarily, where they declare their knowledge and accept the following clauses:


This is a legally binding document for both parties, which are governed by Ecuadorian law at the time of signing this document.


Prior to the student’s service registration, the STUDENT declares to have read, understood and agreed to this contract. It is understood that the STUDENT, in making the reservation of this service, has ACCEPTED this document in its entirety and is therefore obligated to comply with each of the clauses in this agreement.


The reservation of the service is made once the student sends the receipt of PAYMENT of the total value of the service or a minimum of TWO HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS as initial payment.

Proof of PAYMENT must be sent by the student with a minimum of 15 days (2 weeks) before the start date of the course to the school by Email or fax.

If this is the case, the rest of the payment related to the course and accommodation, must be made on the first day of the beginning of your classes.

To complete the reservation of the service, once the student sends the proof of payment, and that the School checks the same in the Financial Institution, the School will send the Reservation form, which must be filled in entirely by the student and sent to the School, either on-line or in writing, within a period not exceeding five days. From the date the form is sent.

When the service has been paid, and the student will not send the completed form in full within a period of five days after the sending of the same by the School to the Student; it is understood that the Student does not want the service on the following dates and therefore the estimated date of the service will be a minimum of fifteen days after the moment the student sends the completed form.


The student will cancel the total value of the service or a minimum of TWO HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS in advance, by means of:

  1. Bank Transfer.-

 The bank details will be sent on  e-mail

  1. Credit / Debit Card.-

We accept payments through Visa,          MasterCard and American Express credit cards and debit cards.

  1. PayPal.-

People who have PayPal accounts will be able to make their payments to this e-mail


Students may, in agreement with the school, change details of their reservation or postpone their starting date, provided the school receives written notice at least 15 days before the course begins .

It is not possible to modify or postpone a course after the date on which the student is supposed to move to his accommodation or the course begins. In the event that the student does not appear on the date on which he/she is supposed to be transferred to his/her accommodation or start his/her course and will not justify the reason in writing within three days, it is understood that the student does not want the service and the contract will be terminated.  Without reimbursment of any fees.

In cases where the student justifies his / her failure to comply with the date established in the reservation, within a period of no more than three days, once approved by the School, the student shall establish a new starting date for classes which shall not be greater than two months from the date established in the reservation.

The modifications and deferrals made after the 15 days following the date of accommodation and start of course, are subject to a surcharge of 40 USD. However, the school may withdraw this surcharge, if the changes or deferrals are the result of the extension of the course or accommodation.

If a student is unable to attend the course they had booked due to completing the initial test and later finding out that they didn’t have the appropriate level (in case of group classes), we will offer an alternative course or private lessons. The number of private classes may be less than those of the group course booked.

The school strives to ensure that our students receive the service and the products they have reserved, but we cannot be held responsible for interruptions of courses due to major events or acts of God (natural disasters, strikes, and civil unrest or war situations). Classes lost due to the above causes will not be recovered or refunded.


  • There will be no classes on public holidays established by the Ecuadorian government.
  • During the first day of the course, level tests and initiation activities will be taken.
  • Class time will also be taken off because of evaluation exams after each lesson.
  • Practical classes and extra activities (museum visits, dynamics, cooking classes and conversation class) will be carried out during class time; however they are optional and the student will choose whether to take them or not.
  • In the event that the student does not cancel their class at least one day in advance, or arrives late at the beginning of their class, they will lose those class hours.
  • In the case of students who established their classes for the second time in accordance with the third paragraph of the Fifth clause, classes will automatically start on the established date and will lose the absence time again.

Classes that are lost for the above reasons will not be recovered or refunded.


We offer activities 5 days a week always guided by a teacher. Information about the activities and excursions offered by the school should be used simply as a guide and not as an exact list of events. The program of weekly activities is prepared and presented until Friday of the previous week.


The cancellation of the service by the student must be made in writing to the School’s emails.

As long as the cancellation is made before the fifteenth day following the start of the course, the cancellation of the amount paid to the school will be done without any surcharge, for which the refund of the canceled value will be made within a period of not less than 30 days after the Cancellation date.

When the cancellation is made after the 15 days following the start of the course, the value of FORTY DOLLARS will be deducted for  the amount paid the administrative expenses of the School. The value to be returned will be made within a period of not less than 30 days after the date of cancellation.

The student should take into account the amounts cancelled are not the same as the amounts recieved by the school. There are bank charges for administration charges from the bank. That lower the amount that the school recieves. Taking this into account, the school can only return the expenses of the student for the cancelation of the service.


Students must organize their own travel arrangements and be responsible for obtaining all necessary documents, such as a valid visa and passport.

The school will provide the necessary documents to those students who need to obtain a visa, but we are not responsible for the Consulate’s decision when or if the visa is not issued. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the visa with an adequate amount of time and must check how long the waiting time is in the closest Ecuadorian consulate.

If a student requests documentation sent by the school by message or express delivery (not by e-mail or regular mail), the student will incur the cost of this courier or express service.

In the event that a student is unable to attend the course due to the denial of a visa, the School will consider that this agreement has been canceled by the student in accordance with what is established in clause 8.


The school can arrange transfers from the airport, for a charge of USD 30 one way, from the airport of Tababela to the student’s accommodation. The student will specify that they want this service indicating it in the Reservation Form via mail and this will be included in their invoice.


  1. Students and their companions must comply with the school’s rules, which will be given on the first day of school.
  2. At all times the student and companions must behave politely and respect their classmates and staff, as well as those with whom they share the accommodation.
  3. The use of narcotic or illegal drugs, alcohol abuse and behavior that is inconsiderate or offensive to others is prohibited.

The School reserves the right to terminate the service or to defer the courses and accommodation of those students who violate the rules of the School. In these circumstances, the payment for the course or accommodation will not be refunded.


Despite all the efforts made to ensure that the information contained in our literature and websites is accurate, the school accepts no responsibility for printing / translation errors or omissions. However, we ask that you speak with us about any important detail for you before making your reservation. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us:

School: South American Language Center


PHONES: (593-2) 290-9211 / 254-4218

CELL PHONE: (593) 995202158



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The parties are ratified in the declarations and stipulations contained in the preceding clauses

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